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This isn’t just another translation agency.We’re here exclusively for you, the market research professional, to help provide your clients with the most accurate translations in both the qualitative and quantitative research segments. Our specialized expertise in market research and translation will ensure fast, reliable information that balances meaning and addresses cultural nuances.

Skilled native translators and editors, each of whom is experienced in market research translations, will localize your screeners, questionnaires and moderator guides to suit the target audience(s), in such a way that the localized version will elicit the same information intended in the original English version.

The back end verbatim responses will then be translated back to your language by native professionals, ensuring the greatest possible accuracy.

Concurrently, our dedicated project managers will work in tandem with your coding department, arranging delivery schedules and synchronizing the flow of work. The result is an overall process that is seamless and absolutely reliable.

Try us! You’ll discover the ideal partner for your translation needs, and at the most affordable rates.



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